Why We Serialize Our Boston Shakers

In the U.S. Military, gear is serialized for accountability – a way of administratively attaching a cold piece of equipment to a faceless user. And, depending on the equipment, the story starts and stops there.

But some items create a narrative, they tell a story.

The serial number of a rifle, uniform, or set of dog tags develops a life as unique as its user.


It identifies who they are, but the wear and tear create the patina that tells so much more about the user than the simple number.

We serialize our Boston Shakers to remind each user that no two are alike.

Sure, they’re made in the same American factory and birthed from the same American steel, but once the shaker is out of the box in the hands of its owner, once it makes that first cocktail, or receives that first scratch or dent, it becomes uniquely connected to the hands using it.

The user can put it next to another C&D shaker and easily identify their tool.

The serial number on the bottom of our Boston Shaker serves as our reminder to you that we didn’t create it to be used as a shiny center display piece for your bar.


It’s a tool we sincerely hope you use to create your story.



Co-Founder C&D

USMC Infantry 2002-2006

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