Our Philosophy

The following are what we consider to be our Golden Rules:

1.  American Made: As we so boldly state everywhere starting with our logo - not just our products, but everything we use is sourced or made in the United States to the greatest extent possible.  The only cases where this may not be true is when we find a green, sustainable solution produced in a country that has the same employment standards we do. 

For example, the tissue, tape, and sticker that wrap your products so nicely are made by hand out of recycled materials in New Zealand.  Everything we produce that IS made in the US will say so - we believe in the highest levels of business transparency.

2. Personal Integrity:  We will never sell you something we don't personally own, use, AND like.

3.  Built for a Lifetime (or Several!):  Our products are made with durable materials, robust designs, and solid American manufacturing methods so they won't need to be discarded or replaced.  Our commitment to this idea means the pieces you invest in will be heirlooms you can pass down to your grandchildren.

4.  Anti-Plastic: To reduce our consumption of petroleum, our anti-plastic policy eliminates plastic as a component in all our products and packaging.  Wherever possible we use recycled, up cycled, or sustainably sourced materials and ask the same of our partner companies and suppliers.