This Professional Bartender performs a "cocktail shaker sound check"

So what do you do when you are on a work trip and have an unexpected extended layover in Paris, France? You book a room in a gorgeous hotel and head straight to the bar.

Luckily, I had packed my C&D Tools Boston Shaker set (never leave home without it) and was curious what this professional bartender - who care less about the product being 100% American-made - had to say about the quality of the bar tool.

The cocktail shaker sound check


Hello everyone. My name is Laurent. We are in Paris at Harry's New York Bar, one of the oldest hotel bar around the world, the oldest in Europe. 

So, sound check. It's going to be fun. 

We have a regular shaker, the Continental, the Parisian one, that is still kind of Okay.

And the sound check, you mean to understand why. 

Here I go, I check.

High pitch. Mmmnnnn, could be better.

Then, our friends, again, so this old type of Continental Shaker. Silver plated, a lot fatter, and the sound - you're right, you realize right away, a lot better,

And you'll see how good our friends from C&D Tools are. We get nearly, as close as possible...around...fantastic sound.

Which, as a bartender, we love. Thank you, guys. See you soon.

Why does the sound of a shaker matter? reality, it doesn't except when you are demonstrating the quality of the product.

The sound your C&D Tools Boston Shaker makes as it mixes up your delicious cocktail tells you that it is made from one solid piece of pure stainless steel.

And we will tell you that hand-finished and polished steel is sourced right here in the USA. It is balanced and weighted to near perfection.     

filming the bartender as he performs the cocktail shaker sound test

Still not convinced our Boston Shaker is all we claim it to be?

Conduct your own cocktail shaker sound check! We believe it'll impress you just as much as it impressed our new best friend, Laurant, every time you use it.

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