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Boston Shaker

SKU: 20001001

Imagine the perfect find from that vintage shop case -- a handcrafted piece of metal; a Boston Shaker.  Now imagine its modern day cousin, a shaker crafted from American steel in an American factory, with American hands. In an effort to bring back an industry long since shipped overseas, we're using a tried and true method dating back to the '60s to bring these shakers to life.


We believe it'll impress you every time you use it and become the centerpiece of your bar for years to come.  And while we'd love to have repeat customers buying gifts for friends or other products that we create, we hope -- from the bottom of our hearts -- that this is the last damn shaker you ever buy.


This thing is built to outlive you.  

  • Specifications

    • Made in the USA with American steel
    • Pure #304 Stainless Steel (no nickle or other plating)
    • Made from one solid piece of metal - you never have to worry about the bottom coming off
    • Balanced and weighted bottom to assist with shaking
    • Patented process
    • Hand-finished and polished on the production line
    • Engraved
    • Serialized (for a limited time)