The 2020 All-American Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 20

The 2020 All-American Gift Guide

For those of you who know C&D's founders personally, you probably know how much we like well-made stuff - if it's made in the USA, all the better.  We understand firsthand how difficult it can be to source American-made material and create products in our country. 

So we'd like to give credit where credit it due: to the American companies innovating, creating jobs, and building quality products right in our own backyard.  The list below comprises companies we've purchased from or know well.  We're not getting a single penny by promoting them. We only hope that you enjoy their creations as much as we do!

For the habitual outdoorsman

Rugged Twill Original Briefcase | Tan


Rugged Twill Original Briefcase | Tan


Filson claims  over one million outdoorsmen have purchased their products and that they've been field-tested in the world’s most rugged spots — from the Pacific Northwest to the African Sahara. 

Our co-founder's Rugged Twill Original Briefcase has followed him around three different continents and has way more milage ahead of it.  Filson's bags are the perfect addition for your travel gear and most of them are just as suited for the boardroom as they are for the outdoors. Based on the quality of Filson bags, we imagine their clothing is pretty damn awesome as well. Plus who doesn't love a hunk in plaid?

For the woman who loves to be organized

R.Riveter  Clara Special Edition Terracotta Clay Print Half-moon Pouch | $50


Clara Special Edition Terracotta Clay Print Half-moon Pouch | $50

All R. Riveter bags, totes, and pouches are handmade in the United States.  Each piece of a new bag is hand-sewn by military spouses all over the U.S.  Then the parts are shipped to their Fabshop in Southern Pines, NC for final assembly and fulfillment.  This bag was named after one of America's most inspirational women, Clara Barton, who was the founder of the American Red Cross and the National First Aid Society.  By proudly sporting this beautiful russet pouch to carry your toiletries, tech gear, or your C&D Tools Drink Deck, you will not only be supporting our military members and their spouses, but you'll also become part of the legacy of female empowerment in our country. As a fellow veteran-owned company, we love supporting folks like the women at R.Riveter!

What makes R.Riveter even more special?  If you have an old uniform or backpack from your active military or veteran friends and family members, R.Riveter will work with you to turn that item into a beautiful keepsake through their heirloom collection program.

For the rugged American history buff

The Runwell Field Watch| 41MM

Shinola Detroit

The Runwell Field Watch| 41MM


Europe, particularly the Swiss, have long dominated the watch market with difficult-to-pronounce watch names carrying price tags comparable to a small mortgage.  For those of us not looking to own a second home on our wrists, Shinola has stepped into the field, creating beautiful watches for both men and women. The Runwell Field Watch is a timepiece inspired by the Motor City’s innovation, can-do spirit, and military grit during the Second World War. One of C&D's founders has been wearing a Shinola since 2015 and it's by far one of his favorite pieces.

For the patriotic fashion maven

Marceline | Reversible Wool Jacket

Hackwith Design House

Marceline | Reversible Wool Jacket


Stay warm this winter with HDH's reversible Marceline Jacket made from wool and cotton at their Minnesota studio by their talented team of seamstresses.  Nearly everything at HDH is made-to-order, ensuring both less waste and that your new garment fits you to a tee.  Looking for something even more impactful for the US economy?  Check out HDH's Sustain Collection, made from up-cycled fabrics in an effort to move toward a zero-waste business model.

For the American dreamer

Holtz Leather Co. The Logbook | $159

Holtz Leather Co.

The Logbook | $159

If want to see just how alive the American Dream is, Holtz's story is a damn good place start.  These guys and gals make stuff that only gets better and better with every use. 

They say their "leather has the makings of great character — branded, scarred, bitten, and marked by life. All it needs is your story."  While they make a range of leather products, we recommend recording your story in your Logbook.  What better place to record your memories to share at the holidays?

For the lady who digs a labor of love

Studebaker Metals Lodge Hoops | Brass Work Patina

Studebaker Metals

Lodge Hoops | Brass Work Patina


These beautiful Lodge Earrings by Studebaker Metals are just the way to say "I love you" this holiday season.  The Studebaker shop is located in Pittsburgh, PA, the heart of the American metal-working industry of old.  Everything they make is hand-forged using tools spanning three centuries in order to evoke a quality typical of days past. Their mission is to make responsible, handmade goods accessible to everyone. One of our founders proudly wears these Lodge Hoops in the silver work patina.

For the humble warrior

Half Face Blades Disaster Breacher | $450

Half Face Blades

Disaster Breacher | $450

Who doesn't like a well-made blade, especially when it's crafted by a former Navy Seal?  HFB brings the soul of rugged, dependable, combat knives and tools to a variety of settings - from special operations tools for warriors doing the do, the average Joe/Jill, and even your Michelin-starred chef.  C&D's founders each own a HFB and can attest to their badassness.  If you want something that impresses, stands the test of time, but more importantly serves as a tool you'll actually use, look no further.

These knives fly out of founder Andrew Arrabito's hands, so make sure you sign up for their drop-notification emails in order to make sure you get one of these sweet weapons in time for the holidays.

For the artist in the family

Walkabout Prints Kennecott Mines | from $29

Walkabout Prints

Kennecott Mines | from $29

If you're looking for some legit art to replace your "Live, Laugh, Love"  center piece set on shiplap, Walkabout Prints is where you wanna start.  While they offer prints snapped in European cities and African game parks, their standout pieces are photos taken in America's national parks.  You can practically hear Sir David Attenborough narrating the picturesque settings, practically begging you to start your next adventure in our own back yard. 

While not indicative of their breathtaking natural photos, this is our favorite print for what it represents about the American spirit. The Kennecott Copper Mines of yore were the poster-child for American ingenuity and determination, established in one of the most inhospitable corners of the world. Listen closely and you can hear the tang of pick-axes chipping away atop glacier carved peaks in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska.

For the vintage-loving foodie

Smithey Ironware 7-Piece Chef Set | $499

Smithey Ironware

7-Piece Chef Set | $499

If you grew up in the American south, chances are you remember the heavy cast iron pots and pans at grandma's house.  Smithey, a South Carolina company, has created some of the most beautiful cast iron cookware this side of the Mason-Dixon. 

These beauties are meant to be your final replacement for the assortment of non-stick, poorly made pans that most of us have had in our homes for years.  If you're looking to up your cooking game, or to give that newly-married couple a gift that they'll actually use, this is it.  We have three Smithey pans and fully expect to never need to purchase another skillet again.

For the hostess with the mostest

East Fork Maplewood Salad Bowls | $149

East Fork

Maplewood Salad Bowls | $149

One of our favorite hand-turned pottery producers in the United States, East Fork, has (like many of us) been negatively impacted by COVID-19, which means their pottery won't be available this year in time for Christmas. 

But don't despair! Their site is one of the few places you can get these beautiful, hand-made maplewood nesting bowls, turned by the Holland Bowl Mill just for East Fork. The Holland Bowl Mill is one of only a few commercial producers of turned wood bowls left in the country, and has been a true gem of American craftsmanship and industry since 1924. 

We love our gorgeous East Fork coffee mugs, and there is one way you could snag your own for the holidays.  Check out East Fork's donation program and shop seconds!  What are seconds?  According to East Fork, pots can be "seconds" for a number of reasons from a small fingerprint in the glaze to a iron spots or craters. They're still totally functional, beautiful, and are safe to bring into your home. 

For the bourbon-loving bear

Mount Mansfield Maple Products Organic Bourbon Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup

Mount Mansfield Maple Products

Organic Bourbon Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup


If you're wondering why the hell maple syrup made this list,  you have a point. It's just syrup, right? Wrong. This stuff is the nectar of the gods and the cure for your groggy Sunday morning.  One of our founders received a bottle of this stuff as a gift and immediately proclaimed he would never buy another brand of syrup - ever. 

Our (obvious) favorite is the bourbon barrel aged stuff. It might be a bit steep on the pockets, but my lord is it worth every penny.  Once you try it out, there's no turning back.

For the caffeine addict on the go

Aeropress Coffee Maker | $29.95


Coffee Maker | $29.95

As you sit down to enjoy your Mansfield maple syrup covered pancakes, pull out your Aeropress to make a hot cup of coffee.  While this little contraption might look a bit intimidating at first, know this;  it only takes 1-3 minutes to make a rich, smooth, killer cup of Joe without the bitterness. 

The Aeropress is ideal for camping, traveling, or just keeping in your desk drawer so you don't have to submit to the office Keurig Pod God. Life is too short for shitty coffee. Let Aeropress show you the light.

For the farm-to-table cocktail enthusiast

Root 23  Maple Cinnamon Simple Syrup | $10

Root 23

Maple Cinnamon Simple Syrup | $10

How does curling up by the fire with a maple cinnamon-infused old fashioned and a good book sound? Root 23 is a company founded on the value of whole ingredients, real food and quality time with family & friends.

New to making cocktails? Root 23 makes it easy, and we highly recommend the warm combo of maple and cinnamon for this holiday season. Not sure which flavor you'll like? Try out one of their gift packs! Need recipes?  Not to fear, Barb & Leah, the two moms who founded this farm-to-cocktail company provide plenty of ideas on their website.  

For the industrious, outdoorsy bartender

C&D Tools Drinks Deck | $55

C&D Tools

Drinks Deck | $55

While we love all the brands above, we’d be remiss if we didn’t shamelessly plug our own badass American product. Our Drinks Deck will be the perfect addition to your Christmas party as they contain 13 cocktails in addition to tips/tricks to get you started. So, buy as many as you can to stuff all the stockings you're going to come across, and toss in an extra so you'll have the best gift at the white elephant party that your significant other will drag you to (again) this year.

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