You're a... Sophisticated Sidecar!


You're a calm, collected person, with a penchant for succeeding without seeming to try. People savor chatting you up — your straightforward nature keeps ‘em guessing. And maybe you like it that way. Save complexity for the Long Island Ice Tea drinkers, am I right?!



Sidecar Recipe
1.5 oz Cognac or Brandy 
.75 oz Cointreau
.75 oz lemon juice
How to:  
  • Rim chilled glass with lemon and sugar
  • Add ingredients to shaker with ice and shake
  • Strain into glass, garnish with lemon twist
Ever get tired of having to reference a website on your phone while making a drink? Or how about fumbling with a "cocktail bible" only to get it wet with your latest concoction?  

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Sidecar Recipe

Making a craft cocktail doesn't need to be a NASA shuttle launch. And you certainly shouldn't have to scour the end of the internet to find a decent drink. 

Drinks deck example

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