2021 Gift-Buying Guide

It’s officially gift-buyin’ season and while we’d love to push C&D, we have to give credit where credit is due. There are some amazing American companies out there producing quality stuff, all while creating jobs and reigniting industry in the land of the free/home of the brave. We understand how difficult it can be to source and build in this country, so we'd love to raise a glass to the folks that do it!

This year’s list follows the form of the previous: we don’t get a single penny from any of these brands by promoting them and we own something from every company on this list. We hope you enjoy their products as much as we do.

 Tactile Turn Process

Tactile Turn Pens:

Will Hodges started Tactile Turn in 2012 in Dallas, TX to make writing instruments for people tired of buying overpriced plastic junk. This isn’t your office G2 Pilot.  Each pen is hand-machined and comes with a lifetime warranty (newsflash: you won’t need it). You can purchase his pens in a variety of colors to eliminate the “tacti-cool” if you prefer something with a more classic look. And if you buy the flashy copper edition, don’t worry, its patina may cause your adversaries to underestimate you, but it’s well-structured form ensures it can still be used as a weapon of opportunity both on and off the legal pad.


 Buck Knives History

Buck Knives:

There are a number of new US knife companies out there, like Half-Faced Blades and Montana Knife company -- and we own some amazing stuff from them. But you don’t have to drop a car payment on a quality blade. Buck Knives is an American company that still produces the well-machined knives your grandfather likely used. And while only a small sliver of their operations is overseas (13%), we wanted to highlight the knives made right here in the U-S-of A. Buy an old-school folder for that special someone in your life.


 Topo Designs Backpack

Topo Designs:

We love a good backpack as much as the next hipster bike messenger—and Topo Designs does not disappoint. Based in Denver, Colorado, they produce packs and bags that flawlessly combine the mountain and outdoor living we all want, with a touch of city and world travel. They also offer a dizzying array of color combinations so you’re bound to find something you like. Let Topo organize you for your next adventure!


 Jack Rudy Syrup

Jack Rudy:

C&D doesn’t make simple syrups (yet), but in the meantime, we recommend you try out Jack Rudy’s. Founder Brooks Reitz, who also owns some amazing restaurants in Charleston, has created a number of mixers, tonics, and syrups to help boost your cocktail game—they even sell locally produced Vermouth brined olives. Dirty Martini anyone?


 Oxford Pennant Sewing

Oxford Pennant:

If you’re looking to replace the “Eat, Pray, Love” piece above your couch, look no further. Oxford Pennant’s felt and wool banners harken back to a time before the motivational bumper-sticker speak we’ve become so accustomed to. Each pennant is made in Buffalo, New York.  With flags embroidered with phrases like “Give a Damn” and “Raise Hell, Kid,” you’re sure to add some can-do spirit to your living space.


 Artifact Process

Artifact Bags:

Who doesn’t love a well-made canvas bag? Artifact founder, Chris Hughes, started the company in 2010 and bootstrapped the entire operation while holding down a full-time job.  This company is the American dream and produces the goods to prove it.  Each item is meticulously crafted in Omaha, Nebraska and they have bags for every occasion in life. They even make monogrammed aprons so people know who you are when you’re layin’ it down on the grill.


 The Rope Co Process

The Rope Co:

Yeah, we didn’t know you could improve door mats either, but The Rope Co proved us wrong.  Their durable, Maine-woven rope doormats are made of water-resistant material that weathers all seasons, is UV protected, and won’t mold or mildew.  If you're going for the cottage vibe or just looking to add some style to your doorstep, check' em out.


 Black Rifle Coffee Mission

Black Rifle Coffee:

These dudes know coffee. BCR is a veteran-owned coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love America. While their name might lead one to think they only serve the most extreme caffeine-packed beans, they have a variety of roasts and  even have a coffee match quiz to pair you with the your ideal cup of Joe.  


 King Family Grapes

King Family Vineyards:

Did you know you can order wine to your doorstep? King Family Vineyards is based in Crozet, Virginia and produces wine that will leave you wondering what all the hype was about with Sonoma and Napa. Virginia wine has arrived.  While C&D’s co-founder Kris is partial to their incredible Rose (yeah, he's a classy guy), King Family Vineyard’s wine selection is well-priced and well-balanced. Also their “Seven”—a combination of wine and brandy aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels — feels like a warm fire in your stomach. It’s heaven and deserves to be consumed on cool fall evenings.


 McLean Organic Butcher

The Organic Butcher

Nestled in McLean, Virginia, the Organic Butcher sources the best seafood, meats, and poultry. And unlike your local grocery store, or even Whole Paycheck Foods, they offer wild game like boar, elk, venison, rabbit, and bison.  If you’re looking to switch up the monotony of the “normal” meat, this is your place. Also, their customer service is unparalleled so don’t hesitate asking them how to cook whatever you end up buying.


 Pendleton Ad Image


If you’ve ever wondered where The Dude got his sweater, this is it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about start here. To put it simply, Pendleton’s products tie  it all together -- they’re cozy, Western-inspired, and produced in Oregon where they’ve been producing high quality wool products since 1863. To all my Lumberjacks (and jills), this is your one-stop shop for plaid everything.


D&CO Welcome Home

Death & Company:

We love a good cocktail book as much as we love good barware and Death & Co’s newest release does not disappoint. “Welcome home" is the ultimate guide with over 600 recipes and serves as an introduction to the world of cocktails. Learn how to select ingredients, understand what makes a great cocktail work, and mix like an old pro.


 C&D Shaker Bottoms

C&D Tools:

Well, you knew we wouldn’t be able to resist a shameless plug. We have Boston Shakers and super-soft t-shirts in stock for your special someone. As a reminder, each shaker is sourced and produced in the USA from one piece of high-quality stainless steel. Each cup is serialized with a number unique to your set—no two sets are the same. Let us show you why we were covered in New York Times and why both Death & Co and Huckberry sell our shaker. If you order one and aren’t satisfied, just let us know and we'll return your money - but we have yet to have a single return. 

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Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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